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15 Facets to Problem Solving

T Ashok @ash_thiru

We use many terms like philosophy, mindset, framework, models, process, practice, techniques etc in SW dev/test. This article attempts to simplify and put together a nice image of how they all fit in, to enable clear thinking for brilliant problem solving.

Given that the act of developing software is “problem solving”, we are bombarded by very many interesting terms like philosophy, mindset, framework, models, process, practice, techniques etc.  I am sure we have encountered these terms – Deming philosophy, CMM Model, Scaled Agile Framework, Lean process, White box techniques etc.

What are these? Are they just jargons that complicate our thinking? Well these are really different facets of problem solving. A crisp definition of these are listed below, picked up from

Crisp definition of the 15 facets as a table

And here is the simple depiction of these inspired by “Matryoshka doll” !

15 facets depicted as a picture  inspired by “Matrushka doll” !

Problem solving philosophy requiring a mindset nurtured by good organisation culture, via model, framework, methodology, applying a set of processes/procedures using guidelines, principles, techniques, heuristics  and aided by tools, templates, checklists

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