SmartQA Community

Explore various dimensions of smartness to leapfrog into new age of SW Dev.
Accomplish more with less by exploiting intellect with technology.
Showcase intelligence in testing, mystery of exploration,
craftsmanship of act, skilful tooling and the joy of perfection.​

What is SmartQA

Current scenario

Software development evolved with potent technologies for complex applications. However, QA lags, clinging to outdated practices. QA must modernize, leveraging human-machine intelligence to elevate testing and assurance, achieving more with less.

SmartQA Objective

SmartQA Community isn’t ordinary; it aims for impact – on you, your teams, and QA. Clear mission: elevate thinking, amplify business value, enrich QA community.


What’s in it for you? You’ll grow both personally and professionally, leveraging the work and assets of the vibrant QA community. Become an influencer, a change maker, and coach others to build a smarter community together.

Governing Principles

The approach is simple yet powerful. Take up initiatives with tangible outcomes. Share your experiences and insights, publish your work, and inspire others through your journey.

Key Activities

Engage in SmartQA leadership coaching, join expert talks, and publish community newsletters.Together we’ll boost value outcomes, transform organizations, and promote asset reuse. By collaborating and paying it forward you can collectively enrich the QA community.

One of the way to be part of the SmartQA Community is via a 16-week pro bono SmartQA Coaching. To know more click here.


An interesting collection of books that enriches validation/quality activities we do, to do differently and smarter. These consist of tips, suggestions, contrarian approaches and smart checklists etc.

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An interesting collection of curated articles that go beyond the confines of typical testing, to think expansively and smarter. These span across mindset and habits, thinking and problem solving approaches etc.

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SmartBites - Views from Industry Leaders

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Smartbits - Nuggets of learning from Industry Leaders

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