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Higher Order Thinking Skills for SmartQA

16-week coaching program

Software development has come a long way, with powerful new technologies that offer substantial leverage in rapidly building rich and complex applications. But, QA seems still archaic, with practices still dinosaurian except for new tools added due to compulsions of tech. The QA community must embrace a smarter, modern approach that harnesses human and machine intelligence to elevate testing and assurance, achieving more with less.

So, how does it work?

Step #1 - LISTEN

Each fortnight, you’ll receive thought-provoking Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) podcasts, carefully curated to inspire new perspectives and fresh ideas via associated articles, links, questions, videos, and audios,allowing participants to invest approximately one hour in reading or listening to the provided resources. Dive into these broad spectra of absorbing topics, and line up to challenge your current perspectives on testing. This approach recognizes that verifiable growth comes from internalizing knowledge and applying it in real-world scenarios.

Step#2 - REFLECT

After engaging with the podcasts and associated articles, it’s time to reflect. Ask yourself: How meaningful is this information? Can I relate it to my work? What benefits can I draw from it? This step is all about understanding how these insights can be applied to your testing projects.

Step #3 - REALIZE

With your reflections in mind, consider how you can put these new understandings into practice. Choose from different options – implement immediately, plan for future projects, acknowledge existing practices, or identify what might not work in your context.

Step #4 - ACT

Now it’s time to act! Create an action plan based on your realizations. Find specific areas in your work where you can apply the newfound insights within 2 to 3 weeks. Record your current baseline, implement the changes, and document the results for comparison.

Step #5 - SHARE

Share your outcomes with the SmartQA community! Submit your results and present your learnings in a slide deck or google docs. Sharing your experiences not only helps others but also solidifies your own understanding.

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