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Interesting articles that enriches validation/quality activities we do, to do differently and smarter.
These consist of tips, suggestions, contrarian approaches and smart checklists etc.

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When testing a new platform that we are building, I encountered a bunch of issues around the corners. A variety of corners each little different, it was interesting to see patterns of how bugs crept in.

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Let me tell you the story. The site became inaccessible last Friday, and after a few minutes, I discovered that the site was not down, but unreachable. That is when my tryst with support started. After five days of relentless pursuit it was sorted without any help from support. So, what was the issue and what can we learn from this?

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The evolution of test

Earlier days we used to have three different teams – configuration management team to build the product, development that develops and hacks in software and test team that tests the system.

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