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High Performance QA is about enabling the path to brilliant code, of doing less and accomplishing more. High performance occurs when you articulate crisply, think clearly, organise well and  execute nimbly. It requires a high performance mindset that is strong, clear, agile and value oriented.

TWELVE interesting and counter intuitive perspectives to High Performance QA , beyond the typical beaten track of process, technology and skills. The perspectives are organised into FOUR themes of LANGUAGE, THINKING, STRUCTURE & DOING.

#1: LANGUAGE – “the EXPRESSION of problem/solution”
High performance communication to exploit power of expression in ’what-we-do’, ‘how-we-do’, ‘how-well-we-have-done’.

#2: THINKING – “the THINKING to solution”
High performance thinking is goal focussed, user centric, spatial, approximate, immersive and contextual

3 : STRUCTURE – “the STRUCTURE of elements”
High performance structure is about great arrangement, to connect better

#4 DOING – “the act of DOING”
High performance execution is about doing less, doing early, staying engaged

These TWELVE interesting articles are laid out in an exclusive page on High Performance QA. Click here to check this out.

Process & Practice – Two interesting words, what are their roles in SmartQA? Well Process is about the sequence of activities to be performed and expected outcomes, along with who-to-do-what. This helps us to be consistent and efficient. On the other hand Practice is about skills that enable the various activities to be effectively. Where do tools come in? Well in both – to plan, track, manage, do and also analyse.
Check out this week’s poster at on this.
You cannot validate if you do not know how it is constructed and what it is doing. A deep understanding of architecture in deployment is probably more necessary for today’s validation teams.“ says Jawahar Sabapathy in the crisp 90-second smartbits video Should I know the architecture to test?.


What Masai Mara taught me about leadership

Want to be a successful leader? Let animals be your guide. Assemble varied skills to build a great team. Let good techniques and methodical action unleash the power. Watch progress and steer continuously. Be confident. Make decisions. Enable each individual to unleash their full potential. Finally enjoy the journey.

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Necessary but not sufficient book

Necessary but not Sufficient

I have been a great fan of Dr Goldratt having read all this books, my favourite being his first book “The Goal”. This book “Necessary but not Sufficient” is written as a “business novel” and shows the fictional application of the Theory of Constraints to Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operations software and organizations using that software.

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