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Continuing from last week’s article “Efficiency -> Productivity -> Creativity“, this week is about “8 things I do to solve problems creatively” . Over the years, there are a few things I do consistently, to solve problems technical or business. The process is magical, to see the larva of an idea become a beautiful butterfly, the solution. Oh, this is a quick read poster-type article with crisp text.
In this week’s smartbits Zulfikar outlines the Management expectations of CIO and the IT team. Be it a large or  small organisation with end user base big or small, the challenges are very similar, he says. They expect new solutions and newer tech to be adopted as they make their way into the market.
A quick preview to Immersive Session Testing is here . A tool that assists in testing immersively will become available shortly. Please reply to this email ID if you are keen on participating in the user trials.



The power of checklist

Recently I read the book “The Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande.  “An essential primer on complexity in medicine” is what New York Times states about

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