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#56 – COVID19 & Clean Code Part 2

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As the world chugs along containing the pandemic, I was inspired to draw parallels from how the world is handling this to large scale software development. The article “COVID19 and Clean Code Part 2 : Process & Criteria” focuses on process flow and criteria to delivering clean code for large scale systems.
In this week’s smartbits Yuvaraj Thanikachalam crisps outlines  “What is Blockchain?“, check it out.



Necessary but not sufficient book

Necessary but not Sufficient

I have been a great fan of Dr Goldratt having read all this books, my favourite being his first book “The Goal”. This book “Necessary but not Sufficient” is written as a “business novel” and shows the fictional application of the Theory of Constraints to Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operations software and organizations using that software.

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COVID19 and Clean Code Part 2 : Process & Criteria

T Ashok (ash_thiru on Twitter)


Inspired by how the world is handling Covid19, this article as a SlideShare lists actions taken and criteria met to contain the pandemic and correlate this to how we can deliver clean code for large scale software systems. This article focuses on the process flow and criteria for delivering clean code. 

Check out the previous article COVID19 and Clean Code Part 1: Techniques,
that outlines techniques to deliver clean code, inspired by Covid19.