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22 tips to smart dev & test

T Ashok @ash_thiru on Twitter


TEN tips for a developer to enable delivery of brilliant code and TWELVE tips to become a modern smart tester is what this article is about. Curated from two earlier articles that I wrote.

What are my TEN tips for dev to deliver brilliant code?
Here it is visualised as mind map!

Minmap of TEN tips for a dev to deliver brilliant code

Read the full text in my article  10 things to be sensitive to deliver brilliant code” which is about:

Great code is not result of mere unit/dev testing at the early stage. It is really a mindset that is key to producing brilliant code.

T Ashok

What are TWELVE tips to test brilliantly?
Here it is what I think it as visualised mind map!

Mindmap of TWELVE tips to test brilliantly

Interested in the full text? Checkout my article 12 tips to reinvent yourself in testing.