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Advice for career growth

(In this SmartBits, Sudhir Patnaik outlines “Advice for career growth“.  The video is at the end of this blog)

Have a learning mindset. Technology is evolving very rapidly and the general purpose software engineering skill is on its way to becoming extinct. It is best to develop specialized skills or niche skills either in the area of test automation or in the non-functional areas or what we call it as “-ilities” testing- availability, security, scalability performance, vulnerability.  It is good to build specialized skills as opposed to staying on general purpose software engineering skill. In addition one can always become a domain expert. But the domain expertise also is transitioning to other people who are better at performing in those kinds of areas, which are needed for the software.

It is very essential to stay or at least learn technology. Those days are gone where one needs to know only what the product does. More or less, it was QA which was known as a workflow validation expert till today. As more and more logic is getting embedded into the middleware, one needs more code expertise to be able to test the software effectively. In the early 2000, we were probably talking about black & white box testing. The industry has transformed itself from black to white box today. But those who were able to catch up on white-box testing in the early 2000s must be reaping the benefits in today’s world because that is much needed today.