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Extreme ownership mindset

(In this SmartBits, Sudhir Patnaik outlines “ Extreme ownership mindset “.  The video is at the end of this blog)

There is a tremendous shift towards a customer backed approach. Everything that we do is keeping our customers in mind and an extreme mindset of product ownership. The one scrum team mindset is driving phenomenal change in how we deliver products. This is where extreme ownership mindset comes into picture where a scrum team owns outcome for customer.
The days are gone, when one has to develop, somebody else has to test and somebody else has to deploy. It has to be packaged in such a way that as a member of the scrum team every single member of the scrum team owns every single responsibility.  If I am a developer or a test engineer, I own development, I own testing, I own deployment, I own support. That’s the team’s extreme ownership. That’s a disruptor.