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#55 – COVID19 & Clean code

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Corona virus aka COVID19 is a global talking point now. What is being done to contain the COVID19? THREE actions in terms of Prevention, Detection, Containment being aggressively pursued keeping in mind that the three targets of young children, old people and sick persons are the most vulnerable as of now. In this week’s article “What can we learn from COVID19 to write clean clean code” we take a look at the actions being taken to contain the pandemic and relate to what to do deliver clean code.
This week’s SmartBites video is a lovely video on “Delivering Clean Code #1” from Raja Nagendra Kumar. This week’s smartbits is on “How to reduce waste(bugs)” by Tathagat Varma. 
“Building new hospitals/ shelters alone is not adequate, it needs to be complemented by community strategies, such as limiting group activities, and personal hygiene practices” says Winnie Yip, Harvard University. In the same vein, testing alone is not enough, clean code practices need to be installed for SmartQA is what this week’s poster says!



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