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“Productivity doesn’t mean doing the most, but getting the most from what you have done”. In an era where we are obsessed with productivity, it is not about doing more, of being busy, that is deemed as high productivity. In fact it is the converse, of being smart, of doing less and accomplishing more. Here are interesting  tips to being productive in “39 tips to being productive – Do SmartQA“.
In this week’s SmartBites,Yuvaraj Thanikachalam outlines QA aspects to testing Blockchain applications. Decomposing a Blockchain stack into five layers, he outlines various aspects to validate in each layer. He goes on to outline the nuances like testing for decentralisation, asset status, value management (security, pen test) and democratisation (data not misused).
For end-users a solution should make their job easier, more productive and efficient. For business owners a new/improved system should deliver business value, be in enhanced experience, cost reduction or improving productivity. This is what is outlined by Zulfikar Deen in “Expectations of owners and users” in the smartbits video.



Black box thinking

Learning from failures .The inside story of how success really happens and how we cannot grow unless we learn from our mistakes.

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