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smartbits #1 – Role of human intellect in QA (Raja’s views)

Q: In this digital age, what do you believe is the role of human intellect in QA? Raja’s view: The products meaning is not that selling it to one or two clients. It will have millions of clients coming in the QA role has become 10x, the way I want to classify is now QA has to start behaving as a first client themselves So they have just to not get into the requirement, but they have to always be wearing the hat of a customer in the digital age which could be hundreds of verities of customers. That is one thing they have to really start acting on. So no more just say I’ve compiled to SRS. Second is cloud has given them too many configuration approaches. How do you deploy? How do you scale? How do you perform? so one in the software scale and other is coming from Hardware. Now all these configurations are not easy to be done even by QA if they want to do it manually, they have to become coders. So basically the DevOps and QA. Previously they were actually no human. Yes. I think that’s where you said no brain required, but now they have to start their intellect so well that they are able to handle so many verities of deployment, so many customers intent they’re able to bring it to the developers that’s one and then if they have any problem in testing it they have to communicate to development saying that, this is a requirement. I am not able to test. Make sure that the developer addresses it because that is a good input for a great developer. If it is not testable if it is not maintainable which means it is not verifiable, which is not a good way to say I have done as a developer. Lot of information in Enterprise is coming from various sources, one is the QA one is the support other is production. All they are supposed to do is the first level of filtering why they were not able to capture that and then give it in a way where developers are able to consume it faster if they can really do that well, they are fulfilling not just a QA job, they are representing thousands of varieties of customers thousands of configurations in the cloud. All that complexity they are able to bring in lot of intellect and then making. They’re not totally depending on the developer or they have to become developers at a next level. So they have to know to code to some extent or if they know in a larger extent it is good, but they are not small things which can be just said, if you train somebody and then they will be accurate.